An Image Viewer and Browser for the GNOME Desktop
GTHUMB 2.10.11  [ download ]
Released on February 24, 2009
Changes since previous version:
Bugs fixed
  • #572342: Better IFD offset checking.
  • #570473: gthumb write to freed memory. Patch by Jerry Tan.
  • #568894: use gtk_widget_get_action (foo), instead of g_object_get_data (foo, gtk-action).
  • #565708: Fixed default launch-with-gimp hotkey to launch gimp in the background.
  • #563956: Fixed XML comment reading. Modified version of patch by Jef Driesen.
  • #554240: Provide support for the Mac OS X menubar. Modified version of the patch by W. Michael Petullo.
  • #560055: filter problems
  • #551225: Modified the build files to better support gtk on MAC OS / Quartz. Based on a patch by W. Michael Petullo.
  • #560352: Added a new file to handle gvfs-mounted cameras more elegantly. The camera is first unmounted, and the libgphoto import routines are then run. Merged from Ubuntu. Patch by Martin Pitt.
  • #557640: Set pagesize adjustment to zero for spinbuttons, to avoid annoying warnings. Patch by Matthias Clasen.
  • #554149: Terminate Converting comment system...done with newline. Patch by Tormod Volden.
  • #555549: The g key now launches the gimp command, instead of the deprecated gimp-remote command.
  • Fix crasher bug in exif tag reading, caused by malformed tiff headers. Ubuntu bug
  • Give the photo-import desktop file different name parameters, so that users can distinguish it from the normal desktop file. Ubuntu bug
New or updated application translations
  • Deutsch (Christian Kirbach)
  • Gujarati (Sweta Kothari)
  • Lithuanian (Žygimantas Beručka)
  • Russian (Nickolay V. Shmyrev)
  • Slovenian Translation (Matej Urbančič)
New or updated manual translations
  • Español (Jorge González)
  • German (Christian Kirbach)
  • Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
GTHUMB 2.10.10  [ download ]
Released on September 22, 2008
Changes since previous version:
New features and user visible changes
  • Added ability to hide video and audio files, using the gconf key /apps/gthumb/browser/show_only_images.
Bugs fixed
  • #552453: gthumb 2.10.9 contains COPYING for GPL v3
  • #546383: gthumb 2.10.9 fails to link Patch by Götz Waschk.
  • Do not exclude xcf images from the file list.
New or updated application translations
  • Romanian (Mihai Varzaru)
  • Thai (Manatsawin Hanmongkolchai)
  • Turkish (M. Emin Akşehirli)
GTHUMB 2.10.9  [ download ]
Released on August 4, 2008
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #508873 - gthumb cannot scale up images
  • Fixed bug #510326 - x-content/* support
  • Fixed bug #510521 - Canceling Save stops movement between pictures
  • Fixed bug #477285 - Hitting enter in Open Location Dialog while text entry is focused does nothing
  • Fixed bug #507790. Sort by DateTimeOriginal instead of DateTime.
  • Fixed bug #512374 - array accessed past end.
  • Fixed bug #543584 - fix build with libgphoto2 2.4.2
  • Fixed bug #543771 - Segfault when hitting Remove comment
  • Fixed bug #544893 - Crash in web album <gthumb:if/>
Updated application translations
  • en_US (Djihed Afifi)
  • Slovak (Peter Tuhársky)
  • Czech (Kamil Páral)
  • catalan (Sílvia Miranda)
  • Hungarian (Gabor Kelemen)
  • Hebrew (Revan)
  • Ukrainian (Maxim Dziumanenko)
GTHUMB 2.10.8  [ download ]
Released on January 1, 2008
Changes since previous version:
  • If the directory doesn't exists go to the closest existing parent. Fixes bug #495575 – infinite loop when browsing deleted dirs
  • Fixed bug #Bug 498741 – gthumb always saves thumbnails despite the gconf option in apps -> gthumb -> browser -> save_thumbnails set to false
  • Fixed bug #500719 – segfault when canceling batch operations
  • Fixed bug #486886: Crash opening an image with no Exif IFD1
  • Fixed bug #487982: can freeze gthumb during printing
  • Fixed a printing crash, g_free -> gtk_paper_size_free
  • Fixed bug #492111: Doesn't rotate pictures while importing
  • Fixed bug #492262: Rotate removes thumbnail
  • Fixed bug #492260: Crash on rotate on x86_64
  • Fixed bug #492169: Crash when moving directory to trash
  • Fixed bug #492370: monitor name conflict with libc on solaris10
  • Fixed exif tag read/write functions, so they can access 32-bit values correctly on 64-bit platforms
  • Fixed bug #476989: gthumb doesn't move images if destination directory is selected from folder drop down list
  • Fixed bug #495529: Search not working
  • Fixed bug #498995: gthumb gets it's locking wrong and crashes
  • When sorting by exif time, fall back to sorting by mtime if no exif time is present.
  • Fixed bug #438027: cancel isn't honoured in reset exif orientation progress dialog or rotation-tool dialog
  • Fixed bug #499795: silently fails to save bmp picture
  • Fixed bug #496140: Crop Window opens too large for dual-screens
GTHUMB 2.10.7  [ download ]
Released on October 15, 2007
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #481729: Crash browsing thru images when one is empty.
  • Fixed bug #482751: gthumb crashes if it cannot find cursor.
  • Fixed bug #485721: Crash in fullscreen mode after deleting an image.
  • Fixed bug #471234: Fix build with gcc 2.x
  • Fixed bug #485998: '[' and ']' don't work in fullscreen anymore.
  • Fixed Ubuntu bug #152246: gThumb does not allow to change picture's Last modified date to "Photo digitalization date (from EXIF data)"
GTHUMB 2.10.6  [ download ]
Released on August 27, 2007
Changes since previous version:
  • Added shift+x keybinding to always perform zoom to fit.
  • Added a shift-w keybinding to force a fit width action.
  • Faster browsing of remote locations.
  • Keep the ui responsive when loading and saving remote images and when creating video thumbnails.
  • Much faster loading of exif DataTime tags. This provides faster folder loading in the sort-by-DateTime mode.
  • Fixed bug #464348. Rename tool breaks if template = %f1%e
  • Fixed bug #450675. Should delete the thumbnails of deleted files
  • Fixed bug #453986. Check for invalid unicode in embedded comments.
  • Fixed bug #454037. Invalid free when selecting Print in the menu.
  • Fixed bug #454489. Theme uses the wrong captions in the thumbnails.
  • The default import folder was not properly set to the correct XDG PICTURES folder. Fixed.
  • Fixed bug #455911. Symlink/vfs problem (Ubuntu bug 109579).
  • Preload more thumbnails into memory in browser mode. Bug #457529.
  • Fixed bug #457685. Sort by Exif DateTime broken in list mode.
  • Fixed Ctrl+H (show/hide hidden files) function.
  • Add/fix a busy cursor when loading folders and preloading the selected image.
  • Fixed bug #439043. Preview area always shows last selected image.
  • Fixed bug #457936. Names with '#' character break rotation.
  • Fixed bug #446792. gThumb deletes pictures on failed import.
GTHUMB 2.10.5  [ download ]
Released on June 25, 2007
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #448644 - Image brightness-contrast doesn't trigger save-ability.
GTHUMB 2.10.4  [ download ]
Released on June 19, 2007
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed Bug 432759 - update of the thumbnail index when files are added. Properly generates thumbnails for slowly generated files (e.g., files from a slow scanner, or oscilloscope images sent over a serial port).
  • Deleted unused functions: thumb_loader_get_max_file_size, thumb_loader_get_path, thumb_loader_set_uri, thumb_loader_get_uri, thumb_loader_get_image_loader.
  • When generating a new thumbnail, scale the image only if the original size is larger than the requested size.
  • Fixed Bug #440036 - index image maps are not xhtml compliant
  • Fixed Bug #438716 - IPTC comments are not seen by Picasa
  • Fixed Bug #444656 - write folders to CD does not work
  • Fixed Bug #446133 - Add PPM to supported types during import
  • Fixed Ubuntu bug 119769 - Escape angle brackets in filenames
  • Fixed Bug #447311 - g_thread_init warning when starting gthumb
GTHUMB 2.10.3  [ download ]
Released on May 16, 2007
Changes since previous version:
  • New shortcuts: Alt+S scaling, Alt+C cropping, Alt+R redeye removal.
  • New keybinding: keypad-* = zoom to fit. Bug 432700.
  • Makes PICTURES xdg-user-dir the default for import, bug #425365.
  • Try to extract embedded thumbnail from RAW images. Bug 431483.
  • Return NULL if the dialog text entry is empty, instead of an empty string, to avoid creation of no-name catalogs
  • Small memory leak fixed in web-exported error handling.
  • Small memory leak fixed in apply_transformation_jpeg.
  • Enable debug messages with an environment variable. Bug 361367.
  • Bypass libexif when writing tags, to avoid MakerNote corruption. Bug #408185.
  • Don't list xcf files, no loader is available for them. Bug 433639.
  • Fixed bug 431838 - renaming with exif date and time doesn't work.
  • Fixed bug 432084 - Transient files confuse gThumb.
  • When scaling down by a factor > 100, call gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple twice to avoid crashes, freezes. Related to bug 80925.
  • Added -w option to dcraw calls, to use the camera-specified white balance on raw images. Bug 431484.
  • Add support for ogg thumbnails. Bug 430777.
  • Run gtk-update-icon-cache in uninstall-hook, as per bug 362604.
  • Better code sharing: Use gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_at_scale to load jpeg thumbnails. Same speed as the old f_load_scaled_jpeg function.
  • Fixed a crash when a file has no recognized mime type. Bug 428278.
  • Fixed bug 407871 - Crash after deleting catalog file.
  • Check dimensions of all images types, not just jpegs, to avoid preloading giant tiff files. Bug 160460.
  • Fixed Bug 434445 - cache grows too large when viewing RAW files
  • Fixed Bug 434034 - improperly initialized GnomeVFSFileInfo instance.
  • Fixed Bug 434951 - Setting displayed date to exif date is disabled when the first selected image does not have exif data.
  • Fixed bug 435379. Add image/x-canon-cr2 to the list of known raw photo mime types.
  • Fixed Bug 436872 - web export fails when image filenames contain escapable characters
  • Fixed Bug 436881 - web export exports malformed xml
  • Fixed Bug 427986 - Navigating folder list with keyboard is difficult
  • Fixed Bug 438414 - crash when pressing e/r/l/m in empty folder
Updated translations
    Catalan (ca), Swedish (sv), Arabic (ar), Portuguese (pt), Spanish (es).
GTHUMB 2.10.2  [ download ]
Released on April 10, 2007
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #427868 - Import of photos cannot download RAW files
  • Return NULL if the dialog text entry is empty, instead of an empty string, to avoid creation of no-name catalogs
  • Fixed bug #423956 - Creating a web album at a ssh URI causes crash.
  • Fixed rotate-on-import function.
  • Fixed bug #423715 - Cancel pixbuf operation before closing the dialog
  • Fixed bug #427846 - Can't launch command line collections, and crash when selecting Catalogs from the location bar.
  • Fixed a crash when a file has no recognized mime type. Bug 428278.
Updated translations
    Dzongkha (dz), French (fr), Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), Japanese (ja).
GTHUMB 2.10.1  [ download ]
Released on March 27, 2007
Changes since previous version:
  • The progess bar in the import dialog shows the overall download progress now. The delete operation is now asynchronous. (#156994)
  • Go to the destination folder when the 'go to destination folder' option is active in the copy/move dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the user to choose 'overwrite this image' or 'do not overwrite this image' options in the overwrite dialog.
  • Fixed bug #420557 - View > Show/Hide > Toolbar is broken, no display
  • Fixed bug #414711 - thumbnail explosion if opening ~/.thumbnails
  • Do not add APPn and COM markers to the EXIF thumbnail. Bug #411861.
  • Fixed cache-pruning command on Solaris (bug #421787).
  • Added Alt+C for crop, Alt+R for resize.
  • Fixed problems resolving relative symlinks for ssh: URIs (#159884)
  • Fixed crash in search function when clicking View. Bug #420788.
  • Fixed misdetection of CR2 files as TIFF files. Part of bug #421175.
  • Better search support for Unicode equivalencies. Bug #423272.
  • Normalize Unicode category names. Bug #423271.
  • Fixed bug #420614 - cancel async operation before closing importer
GTHUMB 2.10.0  [ download ]
Released on March 19, 2007
Changes since previous version:
Major bug fixes
  • Fixed bug #414665 - Photo importer hangs and does not import photos
  • Fixed bug #389590 - List view not updated after file deleted
Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed bug #413595 - Add SVG to supported mime types?
  • Removed application-registry cruft.
  • Removed invalid menu categories in gthumb.desktop
  • Fixed bug #389872 - Incorrect initial cropping aspect ratio
  • Fixed bug #411861 - a JFIF marker is written, incompatible with EXIF
  • Fixed build with gcc 2 (#412444).
  • Fixed bug #407871 - Crash after deleting catalog file.
  • Fixed bug #98933 - Command Line collection should be deleted on startup if no files are passed as arguments
  • Fixed bug #159884 - problems resolving relative symlinks with reserved URI characters
  • Partly addressed bug #160460 - TIFF Image causes large memory consumption
GTHUMB 2.9.3  [ download ]
Released on February 26, 2007
Changes since previous version:
New features
  • Play audio clips using default external player
Bug fixes
  • Workaround for bug #329072 - gthumb doesn't display PCX image files
  • Fix for image_loader_start crashes. Bugs 351959, 386674 + dupes.
  • Fixed bug #378546 - Crash after exiting slideshow
  • Launch the registered video player instead of always launching totem
  • Use the default gtk+ overwrite confirmation dialog
  • Fixed bug #409799 - destroys file when double-clicking Save dialog
  • Fixed bug #347657 - Click on category text to checkmark a category
  • Fixed bug #346382 - False Positives in Catagory Search
GTHUMB 2.9.2  [ download ]
Released on February 19, 2007
Changes since previous version:
New features
  • Added support for displaying gnome-vfs locations (bug #143197)
  • Added thumbnailing and player-launching for videos (bug #134366)
  • Added initial RAW photo support (bug #145564)
  • Added initial HDR photo supprt (bug #312896)
  • Added programmable hotkeys (numeric keypad 0-9)
  • Added the ability to manually specify photo print sizes
  • Added a filter bar, to limit displayed images
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug #406092 - old image is displayed
  • Fixed bug #363643 - Shift+arrow expands selection, Shift+mouse doesn't
  • Fixed bug #354482 - Show hidden images.
  • Fixed bug #145334 - Folder list should respect .hidden files
  • Fixed bug #392632 - crash when repeatedly pressing Ctrl+E
  • Fixed bug #389870 - Add option to invert the crop aspect ratio
  • Fixed bug #361913 - greater efficiency during lossless rotates, etc
  • Removed the bonobo dependency, use gtkunique (bug #389197).
  • Reduced reported memory consumption - bug #310749.
  • Replace GnomeIconTheme with GtkIconTheme. Bugs #171593 and #396474.
  • Set manual sort mode for command line lists. Bug #326621.
  • Fixed bug #313562 - sort using same collation routines as Nautilus
  • Fixed bug #385605 - toolbar style: text beside icons doesn't work
  • Fixed bug #342994 - crossfading in slide shows should be optional
  • Fixed bug #335390 - Find should be Search
  • Fixed bug #389590 - update image after delete is broken.
  • Larger redeye preview area. Bug 389587.
GTHUMB 2.9.1  [ download ]
Released on December 27, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Added red-eye removal tool (bug #140533).
  • Added mousewheel navigation (#131416).
  • New shortcut: press g to launch gimp.
  • New shortcut: press i for image info.
  • Added a zoom-to-width mode (#148971).
  • Removed filtering of Exif tags - all are shown now. Can display GPS-related Exif tags now (#339648). Added the ability to view Exif MakerNote data (#339648).
  • Added reset Exif orientation tag tool (#361416)
  • Added proper support for the Exif orientation tag when importing, rotating, and displaying JPEG images (#343867)
  • Added option to trim jpegs during transformations on images whose dimensions are not multiples of the jpeg MCU, 8 (#361913)
  • Added sort-by-comment and by Exif DateTime (#373557, #167791).
  • Adds support for multiple auto-detected cameras, or multiple modes for single cameras (#361967).
  • Enhancements to the crop dialog: added undo/redo support; allow to crop multiple times without exiting the dialog; allow to switch on/off the selection mask; zoom in/out with mouse wheel; zoom keeping the center of the image visible.
  • Allows file extension to be changed when bulk-renaming (#338623 and #339037)
  • Always use the rename series tool even to rename a single file (#383439).
  • Added a new BestFit web album theme (#319933).
  • Include original filename in web-album image filenames (#173025).
  • New re-size options in web exporter to allow equal landscape and portrait image sizes (#313671).
  • Added iso-code escaping of non-ASCII characters in web albums.
  • Migration to gnome-doc-utils (#346889).
  • Migrated from libgnomeprint to gtkprint (#362854).
  • Fixed comment wrapping when printing (#305046).
  • Fixed image scaling memory leak (#349576).
  • Replaced deprecated gnome_app functions (#171601).
  • Fixed bug #356623 - gth_location_new crasher.
  • More secure method of temporary file generation (#358894).
  • Removed the bonobo components.
GTHUMB 2.7.9  [ download ]
Released on October 1, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #351058: build failure when -Wl,--as-needed is passed to linker flags.
  • Fixed bug #350732: loose should be lose
  • Fixed bug #349556 - [PATCH] Little bug makes gThumb slower than it can be.
  • Fixed bug #353390 – Fix default rotation angle in portrait print mode.
  • Fixed bug #353613 – Negative array access in get_extension.
  • Fixed bug #352747 – gthumb can't open folder through file selector.
  • Fixed compiler warnings.
  • Fixed compilation/installation errors when srcdir != builddir
  • Fixed bug #358326 – message: assertion `k < N_LOADERS' failed
  • Fixed bug #358343 – web album: assertion `g_path_is_absolute (local_full_path)' failed
  • Fixed bug #343982 – fix build with gcc 2.95
  • Fixed bug #355376Help shortcut should be F1 instead of Ctrl+H
GTHUMB 2.7.8  [ download ]
Released on July 24, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Set a smaller height for the progressbar to avoid an image resize.
  • Fixed memory deallocation bug that triggered random crashes.
GTHUMB 2.7.7  [ download ]
Released on May 18, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #340406 - gthumb doesn't compain of nonexisting default web-album theme.
  • Fixed bug #339645 - [] caps-lock disables keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed bug #339484 - Gthumb doesn't store EXIF information in JPEG files, when image is loaded directly
  • Fixed bug #339291 - keep original filename changes case
  • Fixed bug #339852 - index image maps creating wrong href
  • Fixed bug #340947 - gthumb -Wl,--as-needed patch
GTHUMB 2.7.6  [ download ]
Released on April 19, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Always use the browser mode, added a --viewer command line option to use the viewer mode for single images.
  • Fixed bug #336851 - gThumb crashes when I try full screen-mode
  • Fixed bug #337920 - created directory doesn't exist if it contains spaces.
  • Fixed bug #336930 - Web album without JavaScript.
  • Fixed bug #334903 - Should save on hitting enter in “save as” dialog
  • Install theme-friendly icons.
GTHUMB  [ download ]
Released on March 21, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed photo importing.
GTHUMB 2.7.5  [ download ]
Released on March 20, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Only display user visible drives in the location box.
  • Fixed bug #329889 - thumbnail generation and accentuated characters in path.
  • Fixed little bug in crop dialog.
  • Fixed bug that prevented comments to be removed correctly when iptc_data support was enabled.
  • Fixed command line catalog creation.
  • Fixed photo importing and fixed bug that prevented importing photos when an instance of gthumb was already running.
GTHUMB 2.7.4  [ download ]
Released on March 5, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #325833 – gthumb icon isn't on window title bar and windo list applet.
  • Fixed bug #326844 – Scale Series: Prevent rename .jpg to .jpeg
  • Fixed bug #333102 – Image rotation action does not update the EXIF tag correctly
  • Fixed bug #331714 - crash in Preferences Browser
  • Fixed bug #327245 - Full screen mode crippled if Xinerama is used
  • Fixed bug #313827 – Search does not work on categories with colon symbol and similar names.
  • Fixed bug #331658 - EXIF attributes are not preserved after an image modification + save
  • Fixed bug #327263 - Save doesn't work, save as does.
  • Fixed bug #327262 - Gthumb deletes exif data too aggressively
GTHUMB 2.7.3  [ download ]
Released on February 13, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #329889 - thumbnail generation and accentuated characters in path.
  • Fixed bug #329139 - Doesn't determine image type from content anymore
  • Improved the crop dialog.
  • Fixed bug #329600 – Deleting the Catalogue Search\ Results causes erroneous behaviour.
  • Fixed bug #328010 - Add GNOME or GTK categories o the .desktop file
  • Fixed bug #327049 – Fix build with gcc 2.95
  • Fixed bug #325846 - gthumb refuses to compile with libexif-0.6.13.
  • Added ability to enable/disable many features in
  • Fixed bug #307959 - Open With... dialog offers gthumb as an option.
  • Fixed bug #324017 - failed to initialize Canon powerShot G5 due an GTK bug.
  • Fixed bug #325211 - Image quality in web album.
  • Fixed bug #325308 - gThumb crash when reaching the end of a directory during fullscreen viewing.
  • Fixed bug #325507 - gthumb crashes if startup_location gconf pref is invalid.
GTHUMB 2.7.2  [ download ]
Released on January 4, 2006
Changes since previous version:
  • Crossfading in slideshow mode (#312116)
  • Removed the location entry. Use a specialized combobox with the parent folders, drives and bookmarks (#324970)
  • Added ability to select the image type in the scale series dialog.
  • Adjust photo orientation on import.
  • Use a more accurate method to check whether an image is a gif animation.
  • Added a Flickr like web album theme. Remove the BlueStrips theme. Updated the Wiki web album theme.
  • Use gnome-vfs as much as possible.
  • Use p as keyword shortcut to pause/resume a slideshow.
  • Fixed bug #301726Create Web Album does not use relative paths for images.
  • Fixed bug #310649 – Next/prev keyboard shortcuts in slides mode shouldn't block
  • Fixed bug #319467 – Add keyboard shortcut to Lossless JPEG rotation.
  • Fixed bug #323872 – Import button should be greyed out while importing
  • Fixed bug #324812 – rotating images not working in gthumb fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed bug #318828: Exif Orientation Tag Incorrectly Updated.
  • Fixed bug #322158: please add a generic name to the desktop file
  • Fixed bug #321924: Sigle Window is a typo
  • Fixed bug #321500: in components/catalog-view is broken
  • Fixed bug #305165: gthumb crash resize.
  • Fixed bug #321124: Confusing handling of --disable-schemas-install
  • Fixed bug #320947: Create Web Album Tool doesn't generate HTML pages with International characters.
  • Fixed bug #321274: Incorrect log2 definition/detection.
GTHUMB 2.7.1  [ download ]
Released on November 12, 2005
Changes since previous version:
  • Requires gtk+ >= 2.6.0 and glib >= 2.6.0. Use gtk_about_dialog, gtk_filechooser_button, gtk_font_button instead of gnome_font_picker and gtk_color_button instead of gnome_color_picker.
  • Added a viewer window to view single images, with the optional ability to reuse an already opened viewer window.
  • Added a window factory to use only one executable.
  • Added undo/redo support.
  • Added ability to manually reorder images in a catalog (#130063). Allow to use the manual order in the web exporter, png exporter and rename series tools.
  • Added a 'scale series' tool.
  • Optionally store comments inside jpeg images using the libiptcdata library.
  • Added ability to rotate to left/right a series of images, or to auto-adjust the images orientation directly from the toolbar.
  • Added ability to customize the paper margins in the print dialog.
  • Added ability to print a non-saved image, and to set as wallpaper a non-saved image.
  • Added a View destination option in the choose folder dialog.
  • Added ability to view the destination catalog after adding the images to a catalog, and remember the user choice.
  • Added 'open' and 'open in new window' in the catalog list context menu.
  • Removed Clean and NeatSquare album themes. Added a Wiki theme inspired by the wikipedia style.
  • Added time offset to the 'Change Date' tool and allow to change the comment date as well.
  • Disable the screensaver during a slideshow. Allow to pause/resume a slideshow.
  • Added image dithering operations using the web palette or in black and white.
  • Removed 'normalize contrast' and 'stretch contrast' commands.
  • Use the Edit->Rename command even to rename a series of images (#171050).
  • Added a navigation bar below the location entry. Removed the navigation buttons from the main toolbar. Added fullscreen button on the main toolbar.
  • Added the image type in the metadata pane.
  • Underline the item name only when the mouse is over it in single click mode.
  • Applied the same bugfixes of the 2.6.x series.
GTHUMB 2.6.4  [ download ]
Released on March 10, 2005
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #145325: xhtml/xml support for Web Albums
  • Create high quality thumbnails when the thumbnail size is greater than 128. Fixes bug #152441: fuzzy thumbnails, not sharp thumbnails.
  • Fixed bug #164961: Browsing for Web Album location adds %20 to names with spaces.
  • Fixed bug #160232: gthumb doesn't import pictures from ARGUS DC1500 camera.
  • Fixed bug #165478: Rotated images no longer auto-refresh in image viewer.
  • Fixed bug #167502: crash trying to open specific image.
  • Fixed bug #168938: Crash when loading a photo.
GTHUMB 2.6.3  [ download ]
Released on January 22, 2005
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #161635: Scrollbar doesn't reset when viewing with next and previous.
  • Fixed bug #156870: Duplicates allowed in catalogues.
  • Fixed bug #149883: Saving pictures with files extensions in uppercase doesn't work.
  • Fixed bug #142897: Selected Categories area of Categories window appears to be directly editable, but it is not.
  • Fixed bug #160003: gthumb toolbar horizontal icons + text only shows icons.
  • Fixed bug #162323: Doesn't remember settings for serial port cameras.
  • Fixed bug #162852: pressing the camera icon while importing photos does bad things
  • Fixed bug #163417: Filename in Rename Series (date %d) contains : which is invalid filename under Windows.
  • Fixed bug #156677: - ctrl+S should be the save shortcut, not the Slide Show
  • Fixed bug #143102: gThumb SHOULD save sizes when window is maximized.
  • Fixed bug #164344: EXIF hour off by one (DST)
  • Fixed bug #164293: bad time in rename functionality
  • Fixes bug #143161: Select previous directory in directory list.
  • Fixes bug #149707: Remember last catalog for next catalog operation.
  • Fixes bug #164325: Import Photos error handling when import destination is read-only or device is full.
  • Classic and ClassicClips album themes are now xhtml compliant.
GTHUMB 2.6.2  [ download ]
Released on December 6, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #159492: freezes when trying to create thumbnail for a JPEG file.
  • Fixed bug #159672: log2() function already defined under cygwin.
  • Fixed bug #159661: Symlinks in the root directory are incorrectly resolved.
GTHUMB 2.6.1  [ download ]
Released on November 20, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #158682: Modified image auto-saved through confirmation dialog loses EXIF data.
  • Fixed bug #158253: Crash when parsing dir with UTF8(?) filenames
  • Fixed bug #158174: Clicking cancel while thumbnail list is still being extracted from camera crashes gthumb.
  • Fixed Bug #156851: Crash on startup on 64-bit architectures, and other 64-bit cleanliness issues.
  • Fixed bug #156933: Patch to enable resizing of Import Photos dialog.
  • Fixes bug #152542: Add F12 keybinding to the Revert action.
  • Fixes bug #157761: Cannot resize the columns in the find duplicates dialog of gthumb.
  • Enhanced usability with non-loadable images, for example xcf images.
GTHUMB  [ download ]
Released on October 21, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #155958: Save as report incorrect write permissions issue.
GTHUMB 2.6.0  [ download ]
Released on October 18, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Check libraries version when configuring.
GTHUMB 2.5.2  [ download ]
Released on September 28, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Allow to burn the current catalog.
  • Save and restore the geometry of the comment and categories dialogs.
  • Fixed bug #134671: `Zoom to Fit' needlessly scales down image
  • Display a no image message in the image list when no image is present in the current folder/cartalog.
  • Removed the click on image to enlarge message from the web album themes.
  • Updated the user's manual.
GTHUMB 2.5.1  [ download ]
Released on September 2, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Added supported mime types list to the .desktop file.
  • Fixed bug #150729: Problems saving .JPEG images.
  • Added a resize grip to the statubar.
  • Added nautilus:required_directory_content_mime_types attribute to the catalog view component.
GTHUMB 2.5.0  [ download ]
Released on August 6, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Use the Gtk+ UI Manager to handle menus and toolbar.
  • Use the Gtk+ FileChooser for saving and loading images or selecting folders.
  • New comment system that saves comments in the .comments subfolder.
  • Added ability to write images and their comments to CDs using Nautilus.
  • Make the comments dialog and the categories dialog modeless.
  • Preserve EXIF data when saving an image.
GTHUMB 2.4.0  [ download ]
Released on May 28, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Allow to download video and audio files from a digital camera.
  • Resized album theme previews.
  • Removed the style attributes from the album theme files, uses css classes instead.
  • Use '2' to set the zoom level to 200% and '3' to set it to 300%.
  • Fixes debian bug #241800: gthumb: incorrect treatment of accented character in tools - rename series
GTHUMB 2.3.3  [ download ]
Released on April 25, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #138979: DnD for non-Latin1 filenames fails.
  • Fixed comment saving in folders with spacial characters.
  • Recognize .JPG or .JPEG files as images.
  • Added zoom buttons to the fullscreen toolbar.
  • Updated the manual.
  • The thumbnail inner border is slimmer now.
  • Properly reset the modified flag when the current image is saved.
  • Save the position of the paned window.
GTHUMB 2.3.2  [ download ]
Released on March 22, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #136097 (gthumb 2.2.1 ignores save only changed fields tickbox).
  • Fixed bug #135110 (An UTF8 string was not converted to the current locale (again)).
  • Fixed bug #126452 (Compilation error in data/albumthemse/BlueStripes with parsing.
  • Fixed bug #136168 (Images with capitalized extensions (.JPG) are not found by the image search/browser).
  • Fixed bug #136451 (Quick multiple selection problem).
  • Fixed bug #133452 (thumbnail-pane is resized when the application window is resized).
  • Removed the destination manager in the Create Web Album dialog.
  • Fixed drag & drop (again :).
GTHUMB 2.3.1  [ download ]
Released on February 16, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed bug #133131 (exif orientation tag not updated).
  • Fixed bug #132614 (Comment font option menu in print dialog is not disabled by default).
  • Fixed bug #109016 (Searches should match directories too).
  • Fixed bug #112254 (status line shoudl use date from comment rather than mtime).
  • Fixed bug #130473 (add comment dialog uses ctime instead of mtime).
  • Fixed bug #130382 (gthumb keyboard usability issue).
  • Fixed bug #112254 (Needs Randomize Option on Slide Show).
  • Fixed bug #130823 (gthumb does not maintain permissions on files).
  • Fixed bug #130824 (gthumb does not complain about lack of permissions).
  • Fixed bug #130829 (gthumb ignores current directory when starting).
  • Fixed bug #131852 (Moving images via drag-and-drop no longer works).
  • Fixed bug #131853 (Changing folders produces flicker in image viewer).
  • Fixed thumbnail creation for jpeg images.
  • Fixed drag and drop.
GTHUMB 2.3.0  [ download ]
Released on January 16, 2004
Changes since previous version:
  • Added photo importer tool.
  • Added crop image tool.
  • Added ability to print more images on one sheet.
  • Ask whether to save a modified image.
  • Implement generic transformations of non jpeg images.
  • Use %f, %d, %s instead of *, ! and ? in the renaming tool.
  • Allow to save void searches.
  • Update View Next Images and View Prev Image sensitivity.
  • New search icon.
  • When serching use the file mtime if no time is defined in the comment.
  • Removed Exit from the File menu.
  • Simplify the Index Image dialog.
  • Check write permissions before saving an image.
  • Use a faster loader for jpeg images when creating thumbnails.
  • Do not launch Nautilus explicitly, use gnome_url_show instead.
  • Added --import-photos option to automatically open the import photos dialog.
GTHUMB 2.2.0
Changes since previous version:
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 2.1.9  [ download ]
Released on November 18, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 2.1.8  [ download ]
Released on November 2, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 2.1.7  [ download ]
Released on October 13, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Manual updated.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 2.1.6  [ download ]
Released on September 1, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 2.1.5  [ download ]
Released on August 18, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 2.1.4  [ download ]
Released on August 9, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 2.1.3  [ download ]
Released on July 6, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Web Album: added ability to resize images before copying them to the destination, and to personalize the theme choosing the image caption.
  • Print dialog: the user can choose the comment font; better preview; remember all settings; allow to set a custom paper size.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 2.1.2  [ download ]
Released on May 4, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Auto load a folder when hovering on it during a 'drag & drop' operation.
  • Added normilize and stretch contrast.
  • Added ability to change the preview content, now you can view the image itself (old behaviour), the image data (including exif data if present), or the comment.
  • Added ability to insert the image size in the 'rename series' tool.
  • Search is case insensitive now.
  • Added prev, next buttons to the fullscreen toolbar.
  • New print dialog, easier, prettier and saves the preferences.
GTHUMB 2.1.1  [ download ]
Released on March 16, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Added ability to insert image date in the 'rename series' tool.
  • Fixed jpeg saving.
  • Fixed toolbar not following the system style.
  • Fixed album exporter creating a broken previous page link.
GTHUMB 2.1.0  [ download ]
Released on February 28, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • New (faster) icon list widget.
  • Use the new thumbnail system (share thumbnails with Nautilus 2.2).
  • Print dialog ported to libgnomeprint 2.2.
  • New tool: Create Web Album.
  • Added ability to change list view (list or thumbnails).
  • Compile some tools as dynamic modules, and load them only when needed.
  • Slideshow includes only selected images when more than one image is selected.
  • Update the icon theme on the fly.
  • Added a black_background option to always use a black background for the image viewer (only settable via gconf).
GTHUMB 2.0.1  [ download ]
Released on January 26, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 2.0.0  [ download ]
Released on January 20, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Updated manual.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 1.108  [ download ]
Released on January 4, 2003
Changes since previous version:
  • Update only visible thumbnails.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 1.107  [ download ]
Released on December 22, 2002
Changes since previous version:
  • Make image operations asynchronous and cancellable.
  • Added image saving support to the viewer component.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 1.106  [ download ]
Released on November 29, 2002
Changes since previous version:
  • New image operations: auto adjust color levels, equalize histogram.
  • Added an histogram tab to the image properties dialog.
  • Delete operations now move files and folders to the Trash.
  • Added ability to copy, move and delete recursively folders.
  • Better Drag & Drop support.
  • Added a rename option to the overwrite dialog.
  • Use a folder selector dialog to select the destination folder when copying or moving files.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 1.105  [ download ]
Released on November 14, 2002
Changes since previous version:
  • New tools: edit image (hue, brightness, contrast, saturation, color balance, etc.), convert format, change timestamp.
  • Use gconf as configuration system instead of gnome-config.
  • Added session management support.
GTHUMB 1.104  [ download ]
Released on October 1, 2002
Changes since previous version:
  • New tool: find duplicates.
  • Added an image properties dialog that displays various image properties and EXIF data if present (you need libexif).
  • Added ability to print the comment alongside the image.
  • Added option to choose the click policy.
  • Added duplicate image operation.
  • Better handling of long comments.
  • The image view component now supports printing, so you can print an image (and its comment) using Nautilus.
GTHUMB 1.103
Changes since previous version:
  • New tool: jpeg lossless transformations.
  • The user can edit/view comments and delete images in fullscreen mode.
  • Changed the fourth layout type to something more usefull.
  • Automatically update the content of a folder.
GTHUMB 1.102
Changes since previous version:
  • New tool: rename series of images.
  • Added a maintenance dialog where the user can delete old/all comments/thumbnails, and backup and restore comments.
  • Added header and footer support to the Index Image tool.
  • Re-added the Toolbar Style option.
  • Added Next/Prev Image buttons on toolbar.
  • Click on an image to view the next one.
  • Minor usability improvements.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 1.101
Changes since previous version:
  • Changed arrangement of menus.
  • Preload next 2 images and previous one when browsing.
  • Added ability to view an image in black and white.
  • Bugfixes.
  • Removed a few memleaks.
GTHUMB 1.100
Changes since previous version:
  • Ported to GNOME 2.
  • Added ability to go back and forward in history.
  • Added ability to rename and delete folders.
  • Better error reporting.
  • Removed redundant options.
Changes since previous version:
  • Improved usability of the Open with dialog.
GTHUMB 0.9.9
Changes since previous version:
  • View fullscreen directly from the contextual menu of a thumbnail.
  • Option to switch automatically to full screen mode when the slideshow starts.
  • The user can specify an editor different from the ones associated with images.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 0.9.8
Changes since previous version:
  • Minor features added.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 0.9.7
Changes since previous version:
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 0.9.6
Changes since previous version:
  • Selection works better when directories contain a lot of files.
  • The location entry can stay on a separate toolbar.
  • More keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added fit image to window only if larger mode.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 0.9.5
Changes since previous version:
  • Added a search tool.
  • Made an image viewer component.
  • New icon.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 0.9.4
Changes since previous version:
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 0.9.3
Changes since previous version:
  • New feature: Add comments to images.
  • Ask what to do when trying to overwrite a file.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 0.9.2
Changes since previous version:
  • Fixed RPM build.
  • Added 2 more layouts (Josua Groeger).
GTHUMB 0.9.1
Changes since previous version:
  • New feature: Save thumbnails as single image.
  • Various usability improvements.
  • Mouse wheel support.
Changes since previous version:
  • Faster zooming.
  • Added a navigation window ala GIMP.
  • Fully usable with the keyboard.
  • Added a little manual.
  • Can accept multiple directories at command line.
Changes since previous version:
  • Uses Gnome-VFS.
  • Bugfixes.
GTHUMB 0.7.2
Changes since previous version:
  • Added print support (optional).
  • Fixed gdk-pixbuf detection.
GTHUMB 0.7.1
Changes since previous version:
  • Translations: French, Japanese.
Changes since previous version:
  • New option: Thumbnails size.
  • Added history menu.
GTHUMB 0.6.4
Changes since previous version:
  • Bookmarks are in a menu now (ala Nautilus).
  • Bugfixes.
Changes since previous version:
  • New thumbnails view.
  • New option: change window layout.
Changes since previous version:
  • New options: transparency type, checks color and size (ala Gimp).
  • Rotate, Flip and Mirror image (not for animations).
  • Faster image scrolling.
Changes since previous version:
  • Play GIF animations.
  • Drag & Drop.
  • Use Nautilus thumbnails (read only).
Changes since previous version:
  • Options dialog.
  • TAB completion in location entry.
  • More keyboard shortcuts.
  • Translations: Dutch, Korean.
Changes since previous version:
  • First public version.